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Aired 10-11p ET • POTUS Has Executive Time To Watch TV, Tweet; White House Lawyer On Mueller Probe; North And South Korean Negotiators Meet At DMZ For First Time Since 2015.

Aired 11-Midnight ET • Lawsuits Left and Right from President's Lawyers; Trump's Deal-making with Democrats Live on TV.Aired 10-11p ET • First Ever Tweet About Obama's Respect, Goes Viral; Hopes Dim For DACA Deal With Government Shutdown Looming; Pastor Calls Out President Trump Vulgar Comments With Vice President Pence In The Congregation.Aired 11-Midnight ET • Immigration Talks Turned into Denigration; Trump Cancelled London Visit; America One Universe but Different Planets.C.; Democrats Rebuttal Memo Waiting for Trump's Signal; Meeting with Special Counsel Mueller is a Trap.Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Orders Pentagon To Plan A Military Parade; Space X Launches the Worlds Powerful Rocket; Philadelphia Eagles Torrey Smith On Why He Won't Visit The White House.Aired 10-11p ET • Axios, Trump, Sessions Pressuring FBI Head To Fire Deputy Director Andrew Mc Cabe; Porn Star Makes First Public Appearance Since Report; Congress Votes To Extend Government Funding For Three Weeks, Senate GOP Agrees To Consider DACA; President Trump, See You At The Negotiating Table; SNL Pokes Fun At President Trump; Aired 11-12a ET • Government Shutdown at 12 Midnight; Blame Game is the New Talk in Town; President Trump Silent for the First Time. Gupta, President Has Common Form Of Heart Disease; Trump Attorney Denies Story Alleging Payment For Porn Star's Silence.

Aired 11-Midnight ET • Steve Bannon Claims Executive Privilege; Attorney General Sessions Doubling Down on Immigration; Clock is Ticking for GOP to Pass Budget Bill.

Aired 10-11p ET • New Controversy Awaits Trump in the White House; Lawyers Prepares for Bob Mueller Possible Interview with Trump; Steve Wynn Follows Harvey Weinstein's Controversy; Trump Booed in Davos; Michael Wolff Fabricate Stories for a Living.

Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Returns To White House In Wake Of Mueller Bombshell And Questions About Possible Obstruction Of Justice; Details Of White House Immigration Reform Plan.

Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Say He Wants To Talk To Mueller Under Oath.

Trump Says He Wants To Talk To Mueller If His Lawyers Approve; President Trump On Immigration; POTUS Opens To Citizenship For DREAMERS In 10 To 12 Years; Why Some Evangelicals Are Giving POTUS A Pass.

Aired 10-11p ET • Government Shuts Down At Midnight If Congress Fails To Act; Senate In Recess Until AM ET; Chief Of Staff Kelly Made Aware Of Some What FBI Learned; White House: We Don't Take Omarosa's Comments Very Seriously; Russian Presidential Candidate Reveals Her Thoughts Of Trump; Minutes Away From Government Shutdown.