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The shooter had better use the rolled up end of the feed end of the sling to tighten and lock the sling and not a cartridge case, spotter spindle, or any other item.

The international shooter’s rule deals with size, the sling may be no wider than 40mm (1.57 inches).

The NRA style shooters’ rule allows the use a cuff and sling pads, if and there seems to be no limit on width or type or amount of sling keepers allowed.

The positions were standing, or offhand as we called it, sitting, kneeling, and prone, all using the rifle sling for support.

The sling, a leather strap attached to the rifle for carrying the piece, was a necessary aid for accurate shooting.” So remembers Victor Vogel, in his elegantly simple memoirs of life as an enlisted infantryman in the United States Army between the World Wars, entitled Soldiers of the Old Army.

Like the young Vogel and his messmates, most of us take our rifle training and competition seriously and rely on the sling as a ‘necessary aid’.

However, how much do we know about this omnipresent and essential, piece of shooting equipment?High Power shooters have the most elaborate Rule 13.3.The centerfire version states that a sling “may be a strap or straps made of leather, webbing, or synthetic material, and hooks, buckles and keepers as necessary for attachment to the rifle and adjustment to the shooter.” When shooting in position competitors are informed that they do not have to attach the sling to the buttstock sling swivel in prone, sitting, or kneeling.After riffling through the pages of the various NRA Rule Books that govern the several rifle disciplines one finds that they agree on only two points concerning slings.The first is that the essential information on slings is contained in NRA Rule 3.13.The second is that it may be used in connection with only one arm to steady the rifle.