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It's much more of an art and a lot of technique goes into it rather than just making words readable.

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When demand for education increased, they simply built more colleges, thousands of them, in fact, all over the world.

Until now, colleges have had a relatively easy time selling a student on getting an education today in exchange for some unknown monthly payment to be determined later.

Hundreds if not thousands of studies have been commissioned over the years to support the value of higher education, and students on the fence are quickly overwhelmed with evidence that they’re making the right decision.

In fact, the anti-education crowd is very small, and those questioning the cost of education have only become vocal during the past few years.

The “education industrial complex” is perhaps the most influential in the world, with everyone from Presidents and world leaders, to Nobel Laureates, to CEOs and business executives all unwavering in their support of colleges and their accomplishments.

Key Metrics to Consider Several driving forces are causing the world of higher ed to feel the ground shift beneath its feet.

Consider the following metrics: Rising Costs Student Loan Backlash There’s a big difference between affordability and financeability.

This animated film takes place in New York City, where a bee by the name of Barry leaves his bee hive to explore the outside world.

Typography is essential and central to any designer's skill.

Some may even resurrect the former institution under an entirely new business model.

Declining Enrollment Scenario With several new alternative education options arising, many colleges will begin to experience a decline in their enrollment.

The Mist" is based on the short story written by Stephen King and is directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile).