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Few disclosure filings were made under this law as it was declared unconstitutional by the Texas Attorney General in January 1972.The 63rd Legislature reworked the ethics legislation and passed House Bill 1 in 1973.

Among these are state officers personal financial statements, which were created to comply with state ethics legislation providing for the disclosure of financial assets and possible conflicts of interest of elected, salaried, or appointed officers and executive heads of state agencies, and candidates for elected office.

Beginning in 1998, former or retired judges sitting by assignment were also required to file.

Files report the financial activities of the individual, and of his or her spouse and dependent children (if the individual had actual control over that financial activity during the preceding calendar year).

Prior to the creation of the Ethics Commission, the Texas Secretary of State's office administered the filings required by these ethics laws.

The advisory opinions which the commission issues concern these laws as well as laws governing bribery, corrupt influence, and abuse of office.

This filing was originally administered by the Enforcement Division of the Office of the Secretary of State, then (in the early 1980s) by the Campaign and Ethics Section of the Elections Division, which was renamed the Disclosure Filings Section by 1984.

In 1992, the Texas Ethics Commission was created, and assumed the administration and enforcement of this filing.

The Ethics Commission was preceded by a Public Servant Standards of Conduct Advisory Committee, created in 1981 to expire in 1983 (House Bill 3, 67th Legislature, Regular Session); and a State Ethics Advisory Commission (appropriation: Senate Bill 22, 68th Legislature, 1st Called Session, 1983).

A code of ethics for state officers and employees was created in 1957 by House Bill 3, 55th Legislature, Regular Session.

Some of the earliest filings, in 1990-1991, were filed with the Secretary of State and then transferred to the Ethics Commission in 1992.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types.

As of 2008, approximately 3,300 public officials are required to file reports with the Ethics Commission (a more current figure is not readibly available).

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