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National Philanthropy Day, or NPD, celebrates the charitable work that EVERYONE does to make a difference and create impact in their communities. ), young or old, no matter how much you give or what causes you support—what you do from the heart makes a difference! Your generosity and commitment doesn’t take time off. 15, but we celebrate what you do throughout the year!

It was that it seriously lacked vision, and that showed in every one of its half-hearted attempts to rekindle the passion that fans had for the aging Final Fantasy XI.But the silver lining to all those hours of frustration is that now and then developers do turn it around.In a perfect world every game would launch in pristine condition, but it's still nice when, against all odds, we see a stellar comeback.With the launch of Reaper of Souls, Diablo 3 finally emerged as a game worthy of its predecessors. Server instability, bugs, frequent crashes, and erased progress were tall hurdles to jump in to enjoy the game.But its biggest flaw only became apparent once players had waded through everything else to discover that, for a competitive multiplayer shooter, Battlefield 4 had a big problem: The tickrate, the speed at which the server updated your and other players' positions, was annoyingly slow, leading to inexplicable deaths when you were positive you were behind cover but the server had failed to update your position quicker than your enemy's bullets.So come back often as we celebrate philanthropy and everything you have done to help change the world.

The Thompson family— Angela Thompson, Amanda Riegel and Charles Thompson—and Alan Siegel, all directors and officers of The Thompson Family Foundation, have been named the 2016 Outstanding Philanthropists by AFP.Here are a few of the most notable failures-turned-successes.Aside from contentious aesthetic differences and the week of madness that was error 37, Diablo 3's bigger problems didn't become apparent until you made your way to its higher difficulty levels, where it became an endless grind for loot that was rarely exciting and almost never useable.It created an experimental test branch that players could sign up to help provide feedback, and, in late 2014, started rolling out massive improvements to the tickrate problem.Today, Battlefield 4 is a much better game, and remains more popular than the newer Battlefield Hardline.Since 2012 the Thompson Family Foundation has contributed more than 5 million to over 80 charitable organizations and causes—in particular, the restoration and conservation of New York City’s landmark Park Avenue Armory and a variety of medical and education organizations.