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Under that form, the mayor would, in effect, be stripped of his authority to make certain decisions, which would be left up to the full council.

requesting a change in the plan for their new fire house.Pruitt was asked to write a statement, which she stated she would, but then she got upset and stopped.Rite Aid is now hiring warehouse associates at the Goodwill Job Connection on Friday, January 12, from 9 a.m. The Job Connection is located at 3585 Boiling Springs Road in Boiling Springs.No reason was given for the closure, other than to state it was for unforeseen circumstances.The email also stated, We will do our best to return to operating as soon as possible. The library began operating out of a temporary building last Tuesday due to a major renovation project at their South Street location.City of Union voters are going to the polls today to cast their ballot in a referendum that asks a yes or no question.

Union City Council voted 5-1 at a previous meeting to ask citizens if they would like to see the form of government change in the municipality. One is to continue as is with what is called the strong mayor form, and the other option is to switch to the council form of government.

The referendum will be staged to ask the question if the voters would like to change the form of government from the strong mayor form to the council form.

One of the council members who is a proponent of the change, Vicki Morgan, said: WBCU News received an email for the Union County Carnegie Library, stating that the library would be closed for the immediate future.

The woman was lying in a ball, wrapped in a blanket and only wearing panties.

She stated that after the two beat her up, they left with her clothes, phone, and phone charger.

When deputies asked them what happened, Pruitt stated that she and the victim got into a fight, and then they left.