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Column 2 refers to the petitioner who filed the Form 1-130 that USCIS approved.

If not found eligible to travel, we will send a written notification to the FWVP Program petitioner.

If the principal beneficiary is not approved for parole, the derivative beneficiaries will not be approved.

In certain circumstances, if a principal beneficiary has married or has had a child since the Form I-130 was approved, that spouse or unmarried child under 21 may become a derivative beneficiary and be eligible for parole based on their relationship to the principal beneficiary.*The principal beneficiary’s spouse and unmarried children under age 21 (known as derivative beneficiaries) may also be eligible for benefits under the FWVP Program.

Beneficiaries include the principal beneficiary, derivative beneficiaries and add-on derivative beneficiaries. For example, the principal beneficiary could be an LPR’s spouse or unmarried child, or a U. citizen’s adult son or daughter, married son or daughter, or sibling.

The principal beneficiary’s spouse, and unmarried children under age 21.

Derivative beneficiaries will only be considered for parole if the principal beneficiary is approved for parole.

Derivative beneficiaries are not eligible for the FWVP Program on their own.Because many individuals seeking parole as a family member of a Filipino war veteran are at an advanced age, you may call the National Customer Service Center to request expedited processing for a pending humanitarian reinstatement request.Tell Customer Service that you will be requesting parole under the FWVP Program.Column 3 specifies who you can request parole for, based on who you are and who filed the approved Form I-130.While the FWVP Program is primarily intended for family members outside of the United States, certain relatives in the United States may be able to benefit from the program.However, if a service center conditionally approves your application, your relative will need to leave the United States and appear abroad at a USCIS office or at a U. Embassy or Consulate, as indicated on the Form I-131, to be interviewed by a USCIS or Department of State officer.

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