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This is generally always particle radiation (but little or no neutrons), with zero gamma rays or x-rays.One usually only encounters gamma rays and x-rays from The ionizing radiation in space is comprised of charged particles, uncharged particles, and high-energy electromagnetic radiation.

The maximum speed of light is much slower in air and even slower in water.

And the same measures will come in handy if your ship is an interplanetary warship that may be facing hostile nuclear warheads. There is a lot of silly media hype about plutonium being , there is a general agreement among experts in the field that this is false.

The characteristic blue glow you've seen in photographs of "swimming pool" reactors is called Cherenkov Radiation.

You don't give a rat's behind about non-ionizing radiation because the worst it will do is give you a sunburn. There are two kinds of radiation: [1] rays and [2] particles.

Science geeks call rays "Electromagnetic Radiation" (a fancy word for exotic light), but you just have to know that the deadly ones are X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

The practical upshot of this is that there is no Cherenkov Radiation in the vacuum of space, and to get the same level of glow seen in a swimming pool a radiation source in air will have to be much more radioactive.

rockets will have to protect the crew from the atomic engine radiation.

Gamma-rays are usually products of the de-excitation of excited heavier elements. Electromagnetic radiations have energy quanta determined by their wavelength or frequency.

The energy of particulate radiation depends on the mass and velocity of the particles.

Combat them with a radiation shield made out of low density stuff: water, liquid hydrogen, lithium hydride, paraffin, hydrogenated polyethylene composite, or something else stuffed with hydrogen.

Otherwise read the radiation chart for the hideous details of your fate, which will convince you that euthanasia might not be such a bad idea after all.

And the price of powerful rockets with nuclear propulsion is of course the dread horror of deadly atomic radiation.