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He asks her where she is and she tells him her “sister’s condo”.

She looks at me weird and I say “now you have one, boom”) Shes messaging me about bringing her the watch to which I am obviously not even considering.

This allows me to scroll up and know their name if I need to.

I just assume at this point that she’s hot if I bothered to message her.

So for example “Christy Manila 5” After I bang them I give them a 6-10 rating next to their name on how much I want to fuck them again.

If they are not an 8 or above I will not bang them again unless their is some feature about them I really like.

I have slept with 51 Philippine girls from May 5th until July 5th.

Some will say “that’s easy” and in some ways I would agree. Women, 100’s of them, messaging you to meet up, offering their numbers without asking, and begging you just to be their friend.They also write what they want and it’s always “To find my one true love” “A committed long term relationship” “No players!” I feel I can say this with some authority, these girls are 100% lying to themselves and to you.“Christy Manila10” Also, keep their number so you don’t accidently agree to meet up with a girl you’ve already smashed.Trust me, you will get them mixed up if you don’t have a system in place.The blueprint I tried to follow looked like this, 11am date, 3pm date, 530 pm date, 9pm date, go out at night and try to pull.

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    Ninety-five percent of blacks lived in the South, comprising one third of the population there as opposed to one percent of the population of the North.

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    There are many guests in each room, but you can only see the performer and some other guests.