Helium and carbon dating

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Helium and carbon dating

‘It isn’t necessary to lead such an anti-natural existence as mine,’ she sometimes said to calm her overmilitant admirers.

“Madame Curie avoided even that element of vanity that might most easily have been forgiven her: to let herself be cited as an example to other women.How could she warn others off the path she had traveled?Despite her professions that she had taken the course right for her, did she really regret having traveled it?One can only say that her intensity was preternatural.She could not have lived otherwise than she did: like a demon’s pitchfork or an angel’s whisper, the need to know, and to be known for knowing — though only among those who mattered, the serious ones like her, for she despised celebrity — drove her on relentlessly.Her indomitable will served her voracious intelligence.

But for every accomplishment, for every distinction, for every rare joy, she paid and paid.

But such distinction better suits an Aphra Behn or Artemisia Gentileschi than it does a Jane Austen or Marie Curie.

Genuine greatness deserves only the most gracious estate, not an academic ghetto, however fashionable and well-appointed.

At various times in her life she thought seriously of suicide. Scientific work was not simply diversion from the pains of living; it was a way of life, like Socratic philosophy, from which Madame Curie appeared to have acquired the guiding principle: “Nothing in life is to be feared.

Love could be lost, and forever; children failed to fill the void; only work provided reliable solace and meaning. It is only to be understood.” Whether the unforeseen consequences of her work still sustain that sublime credo is a question as yet unresolved.

Madame Curie’s life reads almost like a comic-book adventure version of feminine heroism: the honest-to-goodness exploits of the original Wonder Woman; the one and only real deal; accept no imitations.

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