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Luxemburg friendship dating love - family reaction widow dating

Personally, I think this company should be put through the wringer by the European Courts. When I signed up for the 6 months premium membership online, I didn't expect that they would try and deduct another 6 months after6 months.

I emailed them to say I wanted to cancel my membership and delete my profile.

The country is a mixture of different landscapes, cultures, people and nationalities, all blending together to form a unique mix of expat and local communities.

This makes establishing a home and creating family in Luxembourg very easy and rewarding.

On entering into their contract either for 3, 6 or 12 months Premium subscription (you need premium in order to get full membership benefits like sending emails. The website says you are supposed to send a fax to their address in Luxembourg!!! My credit card had expired 3 months ago And they had tried to renew membership automatically and it did’nt work.

Yes they do tell you that this subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the selected period, However you do not have an option to choose whether you want this to happen (the auto subscription renewal), So If you don't agree you don't get the full membership. They said you are supposed to give 14 days notice to cancel or else pay another 6 months!

Men here value friendship, kindness, modesty, love of nature, a sense of independence, but most of all family.

Luxembourgers do not flaunt their possessions and wealth nor do they express strong emotion, however, with loved ones, they are friendly, informal, and you can always rely on them.

The best thing to do is ignore their stupid emails. Are they going to get a sheriff and arrest me for not paying 6 months membership that I don’t want. These are gobshite scam artists trying to get easy money from fools. that I had agreed to purchase in advance 6mths of membership upon initially joining and auto renewal after 6 months Remember YOU DO NOT GET ANY CHOICE in this matter. I hear so many testimonies on dating online and i decided to give it a trial and see if i am going to be lucky to find the special man for me....interested you can send me a friend request on FB: Loreatha Kelley (Carol)..drop your email address so I will write you a short note about me and send you my pictures.. I WILL NOW MAKE A PERMANENT ARRANGEMENT WITH MY BANK TO BLACKLIST THIS PAYMENT. Also, find that multiple profiles use the same photo.

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS RIDCULOUS SCAM WEBSITE C-DATE It's a f... 9/10 girls are either hookers, online scam or own a private channel and try to trick you to pay... Not easy, in fact near impossible to opt out of further payments Avoid this site like the plague I was on for less than two months charged almost £150.00 had several contacts from Africa one of which tried to blackmail me by threatening to put details on my Facebook page never met anyone in my area all in all a very poor and unacceptable experience This site is just a trap to charge people with a lot of money!! Ihave tried so many time to cancel my Premium account!

People, especially guys, let me give you a last advise: Go after the average looking girls.

Don't waste your time on supermodels because you won't hookup with them anyway.

I don't have friends and I'm looking forward to meeting new peopl...

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