Blackberry contacts not updating wirelessly

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Blackberry contacts not updating wirelessly

My vote would be for the Companion Link path, since easy is always better.If you already have Companion Link Professional, you will need Version 3.0, Build 3087 or later, available at no charge from the updates section of

Try updating a calendar entry in Google and viewing the synced Gold Mine calendar reflecting that update.

Google itself will sync wirelessly with Blackberry, Windows Mobile Devices, and the i Phone.

You can set up Gold Mine to sync with Google through Gold Mine's built-in Outlook sync wizard.

One word of warning-- your intial sync of contacts will take some time, and bandwidth-- the larger your database the longer it will take.

(Perhaps its time to ask yourself about giving that Gold Mine database a haircut?

Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) is not offered to Black Berry 10 users going forward.

Backup Before creating your account, create a backup of your calendars and contacts as well as your Black Berry settings.Either approach beats waiting to connect with an old-fashioned USB cable, but before starting out, make sure your wireless provider's data plan is not going to surprise you with a big bill at the end of the month.You can get started by setting up a google calendar account (you do not need to be a gmail subscriber to have a calendar account).It's a little cumbersome, since Outlook then syncs to Google and retrieves updates from Google, which Gold Mine then sync retrieves.I ran my tests using Gold Mine to Outlook, and Outlook to Google, bi-sync (both ways) and it worked fine.This has to be working first before you move on to installing Google sync on your handheld device.

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