Mount sinai dating site

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Mount sinai dating site

The structure's ancient gate, with a machicolation above it to strengthen its defense (from which boiling oil could be poured down on attackers), is on the west side of the fortress.Today, it is closed and another old entrance is used instead, which is just left of the ancient entrance.

However, at some points in the monastery's history, apparently all of the doors were sealed up, and entrance was made through a lift, which was also used to haul up supplies.The ground plan of the enclosure is somewhat off-square, with sides measuring 75 meters on the west, 88 meters on the north, 75 meters on the east and 89 meters on the south.The height of the walls varies from 8 meters on the south, to 35 meters on the north.The Walls To protect the numerous monks who had settled around the Burning Bush, and to withstand the attacks of marauding Bedouins and many others who at one time are another attempted to assault the monks then living in caves and simple huts, Justinian's builders under the direction of the architect, Stephanos of Aila (Elath), constructed a fortress of such monumental design that its walls stand little changed after fourteen centuries, except for the northern expanse which was damaged several times, and last repaired in 1801 during Napoleon's Egyptian expedition.The fortified enclosure of the monastery is built of rectangular hewn blocks of hard granite.The Ancient Church The Monastery's main church (Katholikon), usually referred to as the Church of St.

Catherine (Katherine), was built at the same time as the walls and also of massive granite blocks.

The ancient roof is presently covered by a ceiling dating to the 18th century.

The floor, the interior decorations and the current Iconostasis date to the 17th and 18th centuries.

The cells for monks and other structures were built along the inner sides of the fortified enclosure.

The irregular and sloping ground was leveled by constructing solid arches and barrel-vaults, upon which the dwellings and other buildings were raised.

The wooden doors of the church entrance are 1400 years old.