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Different pastoral scenes with Biblical passages appear on your monitor. is one of those safe sites for finding free and share ware computer information and programs. If you use the key words elderly and motivation you can find both general and scientific research into motivational issues that pertain to seniors under varying circumstances.Several wonderfully inspiring books are also available from any bookstore as well as from faith based stores that sell more than Bibles.

Your returns will vary based on which accounts you choose, when you start investing and how much you contribute.

Zero-risk cash investments, such as high-yield savings accounts, came in second with 23 percent of respondents, while the stock market took third place, with 17 percent of respondents.

“The preferences for cash and real estate indicate that too many people are leaving money on the virtual table by failing to be sufficiently exposed to the stock market, where higher long-term returns are found,” says Mark Hamrick,’s senior economic analyst.

There are several web sites that offer online Bibles where you can search by key words for inspirational passages. At these sites you can search for Biblical passages pertaining to various topics such as elderly or parents.

Another way to go would be the available Bible inspired screen savers.

Upcoming MBC Tournaments Monterey Bass is on Facebook, come like us and join in on the discussions.

*Please note that ALL tournaments and ramps are subject to change.There are also monthly magazines that contain daily devotions.Guideposts, is one such daily devotional that is very inexpensive and could be beneficial as an inspirational tool.A new survey by through Princeton Survey Research Associates International asked more than 1,000 Americans what they consider the best way to invest money they won’t need for 10 or more years.The most popular answer, chosen by 28 percent of respondents, is to use it to buy real estate.If you do not want to subscribe to the magazine you can read a daily message of inspiration on line at the following Guidepost web site: Continue doing this simple exercise couple times a day, EVERY day. A simple and easy way for independent living seniors to tone the leg muscles is: Lie flat on your back, legs extened straight up with toes pointed(easy does this when beginning, a slight bend if necessary); try to keep your hips, knees and ankles in a straight line.

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