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The idea behind HLS is that every video file is cut into small fragments (called “media segment files”), which are added to a playlist, with a name and time in seconds specified for every fragment.For example, a two-hour movie cut into ten-second fragments comes as a series of 720 media segment files.

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Besides application servers, who else can act as a database client?Upon receiving a request for a video file fragment, we first check the database for a converted, ready-to-use fragment of the requested quality on one of our servers. It’s worth mentioning that we also use another caching level, where frequently requested files are distributed across several servers to avoid network interface overload.Second scenario: we do not have a converted fragment.Ru Cloud, and how we made the Cloud player “omnivorous” and ensured support on a maximum number of end-user devices.A number of services (for example, You Tube, social networks, etc) convert users’ videos into appropriate formats after upload.It’s implemented quite simply in HLS: the player gets the “main playlist”, consisting of alternate playlists for different bandwidths.

After loading a fragment, the player evaluates the current speed, and based on that it makes a decision regarding the quality of the next fragment: same, lower or higher.

We would also have to do lots of extra work, as some of the stored files will never be watched, not even once.

Another pro of the on-the-fly conversion is the following: in case we decide to change the conversion settings or, for example, add one more feature, we won’t have to reconvert the old videos (which wouldn’t be always possible, since the original video is already gone). We are using the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format created by Apple for online video streaming.

For many reasons, it is often a problem to watch these videos on other end-user devices without prior normalization: a required codec is missing, or the file size is too big to download, or whatever.

In this article, I’ll go into detail to explain how video playback works in Mail.

The videos become available for playback only after conversion. Ru Cloud: the original file is converted as it’s played. Ru Cloud is primarily a cloud storage, and users would be unpleasantly surprised if, while downloading their files, they find out that the files’ quality has deteriorated or the file size has changed even a bit.

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