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And if you like reading my blog, it doesn’t mean you can’t read another and still enjoy both. Do you read just the one blog or watch just the one Youtube channel? And honestly, if you are a blogger who chooses not to network or engage with others, you probably won’t get very far.So today I’m happy to share with you other similar blogs that you might like.

This panel will explore the evolving marketing landscape as media agencies grow creative capabilities, publishers become advertisers, and platforms exercise their ever-increasing power.The problem is, I felt like I didn’t really have a space to share small ideas that aren’t full-on posts.So last week, I brought up the idea of adding these little thought nuggets to my newsletter.But how do you sustain a childlike wonder and exuberant creativity as you grow a multi-million dollar global business?Refinery29’s fearless visionary Piera Gelardi shares her lessons and inspirations.Some of our favorite brands, Levi’s and Zady, will join our global EIC Christene Barberich to discuss how this consumer will view and embrace luxury in an unpredictable social, political, and economic climate.

How Media Companies Tackle Taboo Topics, & the Meaning Of Taboo In A Digital World In today's media landscape, race, politics, nudity, and sex work are discussed more openly than ever before.My Body Is Not Safe For Work Body positivity continues to grow as a vital topic of discussion in the media, but has anything really changed?Plus-size supermodel Tess Holliday will join us to discuss why plus-size bodies are still controversial on the internet, which is where we live our lives. But more often than not, formulas need an extra something to really work — and what that extra ingredient is can be hard to pin down.This will touch on the ways in which the empathy gap affects our culture at large across government, education, gender, and entertainment. Why do celebrities need activism, and why do activists need celebrities? The Female Dilemma: They're Talking About Us, But Are They Doing Anything About It?Everyone is talking about gender parity in Hollywood this year, but is anyone actually trying to create tangible solutions?We’re All The Same (But Pretend Not To Be)Refinery29 is now in the U. K., and Germany — and contrary to what may be implied by society, consumers around the world aren’t necessarily that different. What differs greatly are the strategies in how to reach these consumers across the globe.

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