30 rock dating

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30 rock dating

In the years after working for Senator Kennedy, Jack, in his own words from "Jack-tor," "thrived" on fear, bow hunting Polar Bear, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, once driving a rental car into the Hudson River to practice escaping, showering with Greta Van Susteren and, in "The Break-Up," he claimed to have overcome a peanut allergy through sheer willpower.

Acting on Don Geiss' advice, Jack has gotten himself engaged to Christie's auctioneer Phoebe.

In "The Baby Show," he revealed that his mother, Colleen Murphy Donaghy, has nagged him his whole life and that, again when he was two, his father left the family.

Young Jack took to calling his collie "Pop" until the dog was accidentally run over by the mailman and was left to die in the street by his mother, which caused him to cry.

His mother even tried to send him to Vietnam when he was twelve to make a man out of him.

He also played hockey and the flute as a child, prompting his mother to embarrass him by having him play "The Star-Spangled Banner" on said flute in front of his team.

Milton Greene (Biological father), Colleen Donaghy (mother, deceased), Jimmy Donaghy (presumed father), Eddie Donaghy (half-brother), Patrick Donaghy (half-brother), Patricia Donaghy (half-sister), Katherine Catherine (half-sister), Spider-Man Green (half-brother), Bobby (brother-in-law), Margaret (relation not explained), Tim (cousin) John Francis "Jack" Donaghy is a fictional character in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He is played by Alec Baldwin, who received two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards for his portrayal of the character.

Jack has a clear affinity for Liz, despite their ever-present conflicting moral values, which is a frequent source of friction in their relationship.Jack Donaghy apparently did not have a very happy childhood.In "The Aftermath," he stated that, when he was two, his father lured him to the edge of a swimming pool with a puppy and pushed him in the pool.In "The Head and the Hair," he says he put himself through an unidentified Boston-area college (possibly Harvard Business School) by working as a swan boat operator.(His time as a swan boat operator is alluded to again in Season 1, Episode 4 when he mentions hitting someone with a motor boat.) Donaghy attended Princeton University at some point.Jack acquired an Arby's franchise in Telluride, Colorado in the divorce settlement.

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