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Russia and the United States, as well as China, have strategic reasons for being in the region, and no one is going to pull back.

A terrible future lies ahead for the people of Syria and the greater world as this conflict continues to escalate.

The Syrian insurgency is a mixture of immoral and unprincipled death squads and paid covert wet-work agents. The point is, there are no “good guys” in this story.

There are no heroes; only the insiders, the outsiders, and the general public.

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who is away from Washington, took part by video conference.

Debka File via Steve Quayle Just last month the Russians, in response to a multi-year American Naval buildup, deployed the majority of their Pacific Fleet to the Mediterranean, and they are now shifting nuclear submarines to the region.

Sides are being taken, with Russia providing material support to the Assad regime and the United States providing money and weapons to the Free Syrian Army rebels, who sources claim are not only not Syrian, but likely operatives of America’s sworn enemy Al Queda.

There will be no draw down of troops or naval assets in the near future.

Previously, the Sierra Madre Occidental silicic large igneous province and Comondú Group had been widely regarded as supra-subduction volcanism, with the Comondú Group in particular defining the location of the early to mid-Miocene supra-subduction zone volcanic arc and therefore acting as both a spatial and temporal barrier to when the rifting of the Gulf of California could begin.