Fort erie dating

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Fort erie dating

Realise too, that both parks being within 15 kilometres of each other by air, were in fierce competition, so it seems unlikely that either park would sell anything to the other, even something used.

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The coaster at Upper Left appears to be The Scenic Railway.

An Erie Beach ride ticket was discovered inside its body during restoration.) When New York City first began to discontinue its elevated steam railway in favour of an electric subway, Weber purchased some of the rolling stock in 1901. (The Lighthouse Slide was likely a dry slide - see Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park for photos of what is likely the same model.) One major improvement made under Weber's ownership was the installation of a "Figure 8" roller coaster.

He ran a new train on the Fort Erie, Snake Hill & Pacific Railroad from the Fort Erie ferry dock to the park. Previous sources had indicated an installation year of 1909 and a possibility that it had come from Crystal Beach Park.

It's to the left of the stadium entrance, seen through the tress at the right. Presumably, this is theming for the Lighthouse Slide.

The structure in its right foreground appears to be a carousel building.

The horses were suspended from an articulated overhead pole that locked into a ring inside each horse's body so that neither the horse nor the pole touched the platform.

This pole passed through the body via the back of the neck, hidden behind a high mane.He changed the name to Fort Erie Grove and proceeded to upgrade the facilities over the next decade.In fact, Weber bought the miniature train from the Exposition after that fair finished its run. It was an Armitage-Herschell Company carousel model called "Flying Ponies", only three of which were ever made.The official name of the company was "The Fort Erie Ferry Terminal Railway Company" and was owned by the Baxters and Pierce. The rolling stock, however, was manufactured by Ontario Car Company in London Ontario and consisted of four open coaches.The first Sandfly Express engine, known as "Old Eunice", was built in 1885 in Pittsburgh at either The Pittsburgh Locomotive Company or H. It was replaced after a few years with a saddleback-boiler style Baldwin locomotive, known as "Number 29".As well, the Crystal Beach "Figure 8" was advertised for the 1910 season and sources indicate it may have been in that park until 1915 when construction of The "Giant" was begun.

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