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The inspiration for all this, well I blame the like of Dr Who, Star Trek, Lost In Space and the like as a child.In teen years, I’m inclined to blame Metropolis and Carry On Spying!

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As I say, beyond TV and films, I have no idea where this all came from.

One day I’d love to do a scene where I really felt like I was about to be transformed in this way, it might be the only way i ever get this fantasy out of my head! No video, just a fun outfit to tantalise you, And this might just be me Anyone out there want to fulfil a middle aged woman’s fantasy lol?

Hit songs from some well-known and often viewed musicals, films and cartoons are omitted, e.g.

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Flanders & Swann: omitted, as too many, and mostly connected with stage musicals.

The following, however, deserve a mention, as they were very well known: “The Gasman Cometh“, “The Hippopotamus“, “I’m a Gnu”, and the paean to the London omnibus, “A Transport of Delight” (1957).After all, its not the sort of stuff that the everyday person fancies happening to them, but I got intrigued by, and hooked on the ideas threrein.And even more strangely, its never really gone away.Chim-chiminee, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Fortuosity, When I see an elephant fly, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?Religious songs and spirituals such as “Amazing Grace“, “Little Drummer Boy“, “Mary’s Boy Child“, “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain” not included.I hated my body for what it was, so changing it for a robot one, ideally female, would be a very good deal for me in that sense.

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