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This discontent culminated in an 11-day sit-in at the Senate House (the administrative headquarters of the university).

In the same year, Bristol began offering special entrance exams and grants to aid the resettlement of servicemen returning home.

This building was more spacious than the Victoria Rooms, which were now given over to the Department of Music.

The new Union provides many practice and performance rooms, some specialist rooms, as well as three bars: Bar 100; the Mandela (also known as AR2) and the Avon Gorge.

Among the famous names associated with Bristol in this early period is Paul Dirac, who graduated in 1921 with a degree in engineering, before obtaining a second degree in mathematics in 1923 from Cambridge.

For his subsequent pioneering work on quantum mechanics, he was awarded the 1933 Nobel Prize for Physics.

this funding allowed the opening of a new medical school and an engineering school—two subjects that remain among the university's greatest strengths.

In 1908, gifts from the Fry and Wills families, particularly £100,000 from Henry Overton Wills III (£6m in today's money), were provided to endow a University for Bristol and the West of England, provided that a royal charter could be obtained within two years.The university was able to apply for a royal charter due to the financial support of the Wills and Fry families, who made their fortunes in tobacco plantations and chocolate, respectively.The Wills Family made a vast fortune from the tobacco industry and gave generously to the city and university.Most of its activities, however, are concentrated in the area of the city centre, referred to as the "University Precinct".It is a member of the Russell Group of research-led UK universities, the Coimbra Group of leading European universities and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).The Laboratory stands on the same site today, close to the Bristol Grammar School and the city museum.

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