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There are other uses of language as well, including some blasphemy and several uses of the "S" word.

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Then, rather unrelated to the success of the aforementioned film, 2014 saw the release of Christopher Nolan's big space odyssey, role and cemented my appreciation for him as an actor with the Jason Bourne series (of which he's currently filming a fourth entry for his filmography).I didn't really see it as quite that arrogant (although Damon plays Watney as playfully over-confident, but I interpreted that as more of him rising to the challenge in order to not succumb to discouragement and hopelessness).One really surprising moment, however, sees Watney carving off pieces from a wooden crucifix as he records a data log and addresses his absent crew.His portrayal of Watney is ridiculously likeable and Damon injects plenty of humor into his scenes (something that was missing from , in contrast, as they went for a much more dramatic tone).But Damon's charm and humor didn't manage to jeopardize the drama of the story; yet, it's the story happening down on Earth that helps fuel the drama, with the humor being needed relief from the tension coming from both planets.The cross is one of the few sources of wood (if not the only one) that the astronaut has access to on Mars, and he looks at the metallic image of the Savior hanging there and says, "I really don't think you'll mind given my present situation.

I'm counting on you." It was a nice little moment, albeit playful, that I think it's a realistic example of the human spirit given such a circumstance. Otherwise, the visual effects in the film are truly topnotch and you shouldn't have any trouble believing Watney is stranded on Mars throughout this ordeal.We see it sticking out of his suit with some blood soaked through.In the next scene, he pulls out part of the rod and removes his suit and we see a lot of blood soaked through his shirt and on his abdomen.I myself kept waiting for there to be an extraterrestrial twist or for a crew member to go bad for some reason, but the film keeps it surprisingly grounded and it feels more realistic because of it. If anything, it feels a lot like it had been a light R at one point and cut down to make it under the PG-13 banner, but just barely.After Watney is impaled by a piece of antenna, the camera lingers on his removal of it and the surgery he perfoms on himself.It really didn't need to be so graphic (I definitely got queasy and had to look away, but I'm admittedly still a wuss when it comes to this stuff).

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    1987, p.19; Peter Watson, ‘Picasso Masterpiece May Be Lost to Britain’, Observer, 15 March 1987, p.5, repr.

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