Ann coulter dating jj

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She then went back to business as usual: tweeting about Trump and “pointless wars”.

He dates Ann Coulter.” Barris immediately shook his head, looking absolutely bewildered by this revelation: “No…. ” As Lear continued to describe a dinner he’d had with the couple, Barris remained stunned. I definitely don’t think she’s dating Jimmie Walker.” “For some time,” Lear confirmed. While she confirmed the pair was close friends, she said they were nothing more. When asked about Walker — who’s catchphrase was “dyno-mite” on “Good Times” — Lear revealed his own explosive news.“I love him; he’s a wonderful guy,” Lear said of Walker. “I spent an evening at the same table with them, so I know.”Lear, known as a longtime liberal who founded the progressive group “People for the American Way,” admitted he wasn’t sure about the planned dinner with Walker and Coulter — because of her right-wing views.“But I’ll tell you something about him that’ll astound you: He dates Ann Coulter.”Barris couldn’t believe the news.“… His wife wanted to cancel the event, Lear admitted.The latest bombshell, however, couldn’t have been predicted by any of us.Coulter is apparently dating character played by Walker who was seemingly made to be a star. He’s a wonderful guy,” said Lear, reflecting on Walker’s time on the show. Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Wednesday, April 5, to deny legendary sitcom producer Norman Lear‘s claims that she’s dating Good Times alum Jimmie Walker.

“Best of friends, love him, no romance,” the conservative political commentator, 55, tweeted.

”You can read the full Entertainment Weekly report here.

There’s plenty that could be said about Ann Coulter, none of it is really very positive.

That’s probably why the rumor keeps popping up over time.

The spark this time was “I love him; he’s a wonderful guy, but I’ll tell you something about him that’ll astound you: He dates Ann Coulter,” Lear said.

The cliche rang true in a recent interview with Norman Lear where he revealed two unlikely people may be dating each other.

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