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He was a man of action, and as such, he preferred to get his information and give his orders firsthand.

He’d suffered a couple of broken ribs, a badly sprained wrist and a moderate concussion from his quick attempt at flying across the Albion’s bridge, but those injuries were all by their standards minor and had all been easily repaired within an hour of him arriving in sickbay.

He had then simply left the room and locked the door behind him.

There weren’t many people in all of Starfleet that had the authority to lock a vice admiral in his room, but unfortunately, Starfleet regulations were crystal clear.

If anything could make him realize that he had to focus his attention on a smaller number of issues, this was it.

It didn’t matter if he thought he could do a better job than someone else in terms of a specific task.

The reason for his collapse was simple exhaustion, a condition for which he also full-well knew he had no one to blame but himself.

It was a result of him having overworked himself, far beyond the limits of human constitution, only rarely getting more than an hour’s or two worth of sleep and even more rarely getting enough food and drink during the past four weeks of continuous frontline deployment.

Even though he normally wouldn't care too much about it, he wasn’t the kind of man that cared that much about rank, there was already more than enough confusion and fear present on the ship without a lopsided admiral walking around.

This was especially important considering the fact that, as far as anyone could tell, he was all of a sudden the highest ranking Starfleet officer in the entire Milky Way galaxy... Still, if a near miss for a burnout had taught him anything, it was that he couldn’t do everything himself.

Still, even if West knew just how badly exhausted he’d been, he also knew the remedy for that was simply a few days’ worth of rest and getting eight hours’ worth of sleep, as well as a couple of large meals and plenty of fluids.

Doctor Cain had however still decided to keep him for observation with some fragmented comments about command officers, stress and being boneheaded, all of them stated just low enough to ensure that a demotion wouldn’t be very rapidly handed out, but still loudly enough for him to be able to hear every single word of it.

On those grounds, he’d also tried to get himself discharged several times already. When he’d taken that point up with Marcus Cain, the irritating young doctor in charge of the Albion’s sickbay, the doctor had merely shrugged and told the admiral that he still needed to get some more rest and to go back to sleep.

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