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My dad made some dinner and I sat at the table with my younger sister who was visiting for the weekend.I was working full time and it was approaching my bed time.

Then, I felt pine needles scratching the back of my neck and started pulling them out my hair. I shuffled from room to room with a blanket wrapped around me, pine needles trailing behind me, I left a little pile in every room I sat in.I planned to stay at home by myself, watch some TV and read, while she went to a party with her friends.Then, I decided it was my only night with her, I had nothing better to do, so why not, there’s a dumb party ten minutes from my house, I would go, dance like a fool, and embarrass my younger sister.I called myself “big mama”, because I knew I’d be the oldest one there.I made silly faces, let my guard down, and drank liquor too fast not factoring in that my tolerance had significantly lowered since college.One night in January 2015, two Stanford University graduate students biking across campus spotted a freshman thrusting his body on top of an unconscious, half-naked woman behind a dumpster.

This March, a California jury found the former student, 20-year-old Brock Allen Turner, guilty of three counts of sexual assault.

You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.

On January 17th, 2015, it was a quiet Saturday night at home.

Murietta’s condition quickly worsened, and she was transferred to the intensive-care unit. Doctors were able to revive her, but then her heart stopped for a second time.

This time, the doctors were unsuccessful in their attempts to resuscitate Murietta (shown second from left below). that morning, and she was declared dead by p.m., leaving her family in shock.

“When it comes to a 70-year-old, they probably had some underlying secondary condition, but for a 20-year-old, it’s very unusual.”Lamb recommends that everyone, regardless of age or health status, get the flu vaccine.“The best advice you can give anybody is to tell them to get vaccinated,” he says.