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For more than 10 years, we have supported Gay Men’s Health Crisis and were honored to be recognized for our ongoing commitment.

Our people participate in and support the efforts of DEEN, Delta’s Employee Equality Network.

adapted from Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore) In the midst of high growing demand for taxi services, the Comfort Delgro Group revised its taxi fare structure to better match supply.

The new fare structure comprises of widening the peak hour surcharge from 6am to am in the morning in contrast with the usual 7am to am.

By Elizabeth Soh, The Sunday Times He looks like any other airport greeter, holding a placard with a name.

But the giveaway comes when he whispers to arriving visitors: “Taxi, taxi?

New rules passed on Monday during the Singapore-Malaysia Leaders’ Retreat between the two countries’ prime ministers should make commuting in taxis to and from Malaysia easier.

They state that taxis can now pick up and drop off passengers anywhere in their domestic countries.On a personal level, we provide you with outstanding service and industry-leading amenities you need to start every journey right.For many years, we have teamed up with some of the largest regional Pride events around the world as corporate sponsor and, more importantly, enthusiastic participants.Our employees in same-sex relationships enjoy health, dental, life insurance, pension and flight benefits for domestic partners, and we updated our policies to cover any federal or state income or payroll tax burden associated with their coverage. We advocated for permanent removal of the barriers that separate same-sex couples from some of the legal benefits enjoyed by their legally married peers.The result is true equality in health care coverage costs between same-sex domestic partners and employees in legally recognized marriages — regardless of U. We celebrate the diversity of our employees and customers, and we applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to ensure the fundamental right to marriage for everyone.We’re also a sponsor of GNETWORK 360 in Argentina and the Brazilian Association for GLS Tourism (ABRAT GLS).