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The grasslands comprise the majority of the acreage with approximately 2,514 /- acres in multiple pastures and holding traps.The timbered river parcel provides prime habitat for wildlife and consists of 926 /- acres. LOCATION AND AREA The Niobrara River Ranch is located in northern Cherry County, Nebraska along the north side of the Niobrara River and south of Nenzel, Nebraska, a small town with limited services.

The ranch consists of 3,440 /- acres and combines the ranching elements of grassland pasture with the timbered recreation and hunting land along nearly one mile of the Niobrara River.Hike to nearby abandoned mines if you wish, or just relax and browse through our store.We offer several varieties of California dates as well as our own hybrids.The opportunity to have the income from an agriculture lease with a quality tenant operator provides a nice return on investment while allowing friends and family an opportunity to enjoy and explore the Niobrara River corridor and all that it offers.This property offers quality throughout and the live water with habitat diversity makes this a unique offering.Historically, the family has run the operation as a cow-calf operation with about 300 animal units.

More recently, the operation has transitioned to a smaller herd and leasing grass pasture to neighbors.The habitat diversity of trees, brush, bottomland grass, make for a great home for a multitude of wildlife.The hunting on the ranch has been controlled for many years and the opportunity to hunt for elk, mule deer and whitetail bucks is a rare combination in Nebraska.The water quality and quantity is excellent and sourced from electric wells, windmills and access to the Niobrara River.The Niobrara River offers excellent wildlife habitat with plentiful pine tree cover and numerous ridges, draws and canyons.The area is well known as some of the best grazing lands in North America.

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