Elucidating in a sentence

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Did your subject ever say anything that revealed the essence of who (s)he was?

In itself, ambiguity is a common, harmless, and often amusing feature of ordinary language.

Taylor, often recited before he was killed in Iraq: "Life isn't fair -- get over it. You are probably not entitled to anything you didn't work for.

Freedom isn't free, someone has to pay the price, and it might as well be you." Speaking at the funeral of the witty host of PBS-TV's "Firing Line," William F.

This particular speech is doubly daunting because a grief-stricken friend or loved one will ask you to do it, on very short notice.

It helps if you don't think of eulogy as a performance art, but as a gift.

Examination of fossil evidence persuaded Anaximander that living beings develop from simpler to more complex forms over time. Also see John Burnet, IEP, Any relation that holds between two things in virtue of some other relation in which they stand either directly or through intermediaries. Frege's method for defining such mathematical ancestrals as "the successor of" and "less than" was a vital step in the logicization of arithmetic Recommended Reading: Also see Kenneth G. Many philosophers of the Western tradition have considered the relationship between human beings and other species of animals.

Thus, in the eponymous example, "ancestor" is the ancestral of "parent": Alan is an ancestor of Diane provided that either Alan is a parent of Diane, or Alan is a parent of someone who is a parent of Diane, or Alan is a parent of someone else who is a parent of someone who . Although some have been impressed with the obvious similarities in organic structure and behavior, most have tried to draw a clear distinction between the two.

This view had a significant influence on the philosophy of Presocratic philosopher.

According to fragmentary reports from other philosophers, Anaximander speculated that all matter results from the distillation of hot, cold, dry, and wet elements from απειρων [apeirôn] (the Boundless), an infinite, intelligent, living whole. In fragmentary reports from other philosophers, Anaximenes is said to hold that condensation and evaporation of vapor or mist produces the physical world of earth, water, and fire.

Only recently have a few taken seriously the extent of our moral obligations to fellow sentient beings.

noticed that many of the capacities and activities exhibited by animals are similar to those of human beings, and La Mettrie argued that purely mechanistic explanations could be given for both human and animal behavior.

After polls determined that our number one fear is public speaking -- topping even death -- writer Peggy Noonan observed the implications: at a funeral, most of us would prefer lying in the coffin to standing at the lectern.