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Grosu Evelina, 7 years Little Evelina has long way to fight for her vision.

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This is a very serious disease which affects muscles of the whole body and leads at the end to the total loss of ability to move. Bobeica Madalina, 1 year Parents of little Madalina addressed to us for help.She cannot talk, cannot manage her body, cannot maintain balance, recently her foot got deformed.Eva and her parents are facing great difficulties in managing her life.The only chance to survive for the baby is to be born at Kiev, where pediatric heart surgeons will start immediately life-saving procedure. Diagnosis was tough- retinoblastoma, and was confirmed after investigation in the German Diagnostic Center. Sitnik Evod, 16 years This is a story about a boy with unusual destiny. Despite such a serious diseases, Nikita is very open and kind kid. In august Nikita was consulted by doctors from Turner Institute in St. The news was not good: boy has developed serious deformation ... Cioban Alexandr, 1 year Alexands was very awaited child in his family.Unfortunately this disease cannot be treated in Moldova. When he was 2 years old, his mother left him in the Baby Nursing home. He is studying at school and is doing very good there. Already before his birth, parents knew that he had congenital heart disease.For 2 years and 10 months parents are doing all possible for their daughter, so that she can catch up with the ... Iacub Damian, 2 years Damian had a trauma during his birth, which impacted badly his future.

Doctors fought for his life from the very beginning.Investigation showed that he had a congenital squint and cataract. Unfortunately pregnancy and delivery was very difficult. But, at that moment parents were not aware of what future would bring to them. Taran Roman, 5 years Roma Tsaran needs again our help. During his 5 years of life parents are doing all that is possible to help him, so that infantile cerebral paralysis and spastic tetra paresis would not stop him from development.First 8 minutes after boy’s birth he did not breathe, he was urgently transferred to the intensive care department. One year after the diagnosis was confirmed: cerebral infantile paralysis. Catarau Andrei, 4 years In our experience we have had already requests to help kids with arthrogryposis. The youngest son Andrey was very much awaited baby. Gaidarji Dima, 12 years Dima Gaidarji was born 12 years ago with vision pathology. He is taking massage, curative gymnastics, drugs, operations and rehabilitation. First 2 years of her life were challenging: liquid in lungs, convulsions, coma.Against all prognosis Masha began to fight for her life, defeating pneumonia, septicemia and enterocolitis one after another.Today Maria is 2.5 months old, weighing 2.700 kg, but ... Portean Valentin, 17 years Already for several times we offered Valentin financial support.The investigations revealed cataract, microcephaly and Infantile Cerebral Paralysis. He was born premature at 36 weeks, and could not breathe without assistance. When his condition was stable, doctors attested normal development of the baby.