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Hello readers this is my first story i am writing plz let me know what u think about it this a very ture story of my friend who live in u s a right now i just change place & names but all other is as is it so let me tel u r her story in her won words . He’ d trap me in my room & try to pull up my shirt so he could see my developing breasts , that sort of think .

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a couple times he gave me money just becoz said he say I was a starving college studten & now with the pain of farah’s infertility shadowing his life , I thought i could help him I was working heard on my grad for a psyche degree & besaid that i began to spend a lot of time with Javed & farah trying to help them out I had a lot of free time on my hand since my college was close for 2 months & then one hot july night I stopped over at Javed house to take him some dinner farah had gone to lahor for a week to see her parents & mom wanted to be sure Javed ate right since he’d probably subsist off of chips if no one was there to cok for him I walked in the house ..

I had a …& there was Javed lying on the couch wering a tee shirt & boxers I put down the food what mom had gave me to take him on the table & walked over to him …he look like he was asleep the air conditioning made the room arctic so I decided to cover him up just as I was reaching for the afghan his hand shot up & grabbed my arm.

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