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Anyone familiar with the books that can convince me otherwise? The romance is good, but the action and historical aspects are very well-done, and the story is exciting and fast-pased.I'm not sure how much this would appeal to men, as the books were always presented as romances, but I know of very few other authors that have such a wide and varied readership.

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My husband is a John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, movie fan, and he has found the audio version of these books interesting when we vacation.This is the Harry Potter of romance series, and it's a wonderful, if lengthly, read. The books are fantastic and there is nothing gay about these books...well, except for one or two characters. I hope the screen does them proud and hope that us Outlander fans won't be disappointed. It's amazing and I've been waiting for years for it to be adapted into a film.Especially if you're going to invest in the entire series. I have read all the books , some 3 or 4 times while waiting on the next one to come out. The story I believe could appeal to both genders, if written correctly.Jamie is younger (late teens in "Outlander" at least, when it starts), has longish red hair (obviously), Scottish (obviously), so they'd need an actor who could do a believable Scottish accent. I read these books when my Mom was done with them, since then we have discussed how this would make a great film and who could portray the main characters.There weren't many choices at the time for good actors but now, now the door has been opened for some great potential."Outlander" appears to be a romance novel more than anything but is "filled with adventure, religion, and human conscience." Unfortunately this sounds a bit too emotional for my own tastes.

"Diana Gabaldon has a true gift for understanding human emotion and translating it for the rest of us to understand." Nothing actually wrong with that, I'm just not interested in seeing a romantic 18th century adventure on the big screen.

Enjoying them again, in audiobook so I can do it at work, and now news of the movie. 18 Okay first off I would like to say that this series of stories is a god send, it got me hooked into looking at my own Scottish heritage and loving it all the more.

I would like to point out to all the guys and gals that happen to think this amazing woman's work is just some silly paperback romance novel, and just mention she spent years doing research on a culture she had no idea about, her books are classified under historical fiction, because that's what they resolve around, the historical aspects of 18th century Scotland during the Second Rising of the Stuarts all the way to the happenings of the American Revolution.

It will be exciting to see what the producers come up with and how they decide to write the screenplay.

I think in the end men and women will both be able to enjoy this movie.

As a matter of pure coincidence, I just started listening to Outlander on Audiobook this week and now I find this news.