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” And they said, “Absolutely not.”During the show’s hiatus, Natalie talked to Olyphant, who serves as executive producer, to make sure she would feature prominently in season two.

Her chiropractor parents split up when she was only 2, but “had a really interesting relationship after that,” she said.

“I always felt that there were some very, very fond feelings there and sometimes were perhaps even acted upon.

They took a trip to the Virgin Islands to celebrate their divorce.”It was widely speculated that Zea and former Passions co-star Travis Schuldt began dating after they had both left the show in 2002 and that they were engaged by early 2007.

On the other hand, she described her thin legs as “a big deal.” And her other quotes also played to the readers.“I’m not a big bra girl at all,” Natalie said, and there’s no reason for her to be.

Zea expressed relief that “I’m finally on a show that’s on cable, where I’m allowed to not wear a bra and I’m very happy about that.

I’ve always been fighting for braless, so much so to the point where the networks asked the standards and practices to call up producers and be like, “You have got to get that broad to wear a bra, because we’re having to airbrush out her nipples.” Because nipples are awful.

If my love for Alec Baldwin isn't proof enough, here is some evidence that Alec didn't insult an African American reporter and then choose to call her a "coon." This excerpt and the fact that he is a celebrity and he would know better than to be publicly tossing around racial slurs.

However, when asked in interviews Zea denied the engagement.

They did not marry, but began celebrating the “anniversary” of when they bought a house together.

Following the cancellation of Dirty Sexy Money in 2009, Natalie offered more of an eyeful, or a mouthful, during a four-episode run on Showtime’s Hung, showing her little titties in a bathroom sex scene with star Thomas Jane.

It is calculated cable sex, with the small-breasted guest star going semi-topless to sex up her image while sparing the regulars from showing much.

But the show was caught up in the writers strike, airing only 10 episodes in its first season.