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Any relief we feel in hearing that Francis gave the cloak to a poor knight will be destroyed by the boasts that Francis left behind that he would return a prince. When his kiss of peace was returned, Francis was filled with joy.But Francis never got farther than one day's ride from Assisi. As he rode off, he turned around for a last wave, and saw that the leper had disappeared.

Any adult resource is ready to offer you tons of dirty Thai Porn videos but only we can give you so many exotic categories and full-length professional & amateur asian clips of fine quality!So he renamed his son Francesco -- which is the equivalent of calling him Frenchman.Francis enjoyed a very rich easy life growing up because of his father's wealth and the permissiveness of the times.Far from being excited or apologetic because he'd been gone, Pietro was furious because she'd had his new son baptized Giovanni after John the Baptist.The last thing Pietro wanted in his son was a man of God -- he wanted a man of business, a cloth merchant like he was, and he especially wanted a son who would reflect his infatuation with France.There he had a dream in which God told him he had it all wrong and told him to return home. What must it have been like to return without ever making it to battle -- the boy who wanted nothing more than to be liked was humiliated, laughed at, called a coward by the village and raged at by his father for the money wasted on armor. God had waited for him for twenty-five years and now it was Francis' turn to wait. He always looked upon it as a test from God..he had passed.

His search for conversion led him to the ancient church at San Damiano.

The bishop was very kind to Francis; he told him to return the money and said God would provide. He not only gave back the money but stripped off all his clothes -- the clothes his father had given him -- until he was wearing only a hair shirt.

In front of the crowd that had gathered he said, "Pietro Bernardone is no longer my father.

Only those wealthy enough to expect to be ransomed were taken prisoner.

At last Francis was among the nobility like he always wanted to be..chained in a harsh, dark dungeon.

The experience didn't change what he wanted from life either: Glory.