Xbox updating system

10-Apr-2020 18:44 by 2 Comments

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Next Xbox One update: All the expected changes A new update is on its way to Alpha ring users once again, delivering new power options to the console.

While accessing separate sections like apps and games feels quicker, actually getting to friends still feels a little buried in this update.You can switch between different sections using the Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.Sign-in, achievements, parties / LFG, friends, Home, messages, broadcasts, and a new action center (with settings) now form part of the updated guide.I’ve been using the update for months, and I’ve found that I rarely ever use the home interface as the pop-up guide still feels like a quicker way to navigate around.Microsoft has also included a new light theme with this new dashboard.Here's a look at all of what's included in Xbox system update version 10.0.16299.4037: The update should be available to download for everyone on Xbox One now.

Do note that, according to Microsoft's Brad Rossetti, the update is currently optional, so you may have to initiate the download manually.The Xbox One 1711 update follows the launch of the dashboard overhaul seen in the Xbox fall update, and it brings a number of new features and tweaks to check out.Most notably, this update brings new options for setting up your Xbox with the Xbox app on i OS or Android while it downloads the day-one update.You can transfer games to external drives easily with the new dashboard, or copy games over a home network to another console.You can even download 4K content for some games on an Xbox One, ready for when the Xbox One X ships.The build delivers stability improvements to the Home and Guide, fixing an issue that left both menus crashing on occasion.