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XTerm Control Sequences Edward Moy University of California, Berkeley Revised by Stephen Gildea X Consortium (1994) Thomas Dickey XFree86 Project (1996-2006) (2006-2017) updated for XTerm Patch #331 (2017/12/22) c The literal character c. Ps A single (usually optional) numeric parameter, composed of one of more digits. CSI Ps I Cursor Forward Tabulation Ps tab stops (default = 1) (CHT). Setting graphics geometry does not affect the window size. CSI Ps ; Ps ; Ps ; Ps ; Ps T Initiate highlight mouse tracking. CSI Ps; Ps T Reset one or more features of the title modes to the default value. It is possi- ble to disable the ability to reset features by compiling a different default for the title modes into xterm.

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DCS q Pt ST Request Termcap/Terminfo String (xterm, experimental).o Single-byte controls can be handled separately from multi-byte con- trol sequences because ECMA-48's rules are unambiguous. Many of the features are optional; xterm can be configured and built without support for them. (This may be disabled by the tite Inhibit resource).As a special case, ECMA-48 (section 9) mentions that the control functions shift-in and shift-out are allowed to occur within a 7-bit multibyte control sequence because those cannot alter the meaning of the control sequence. This combines the effects of the 1 0 4 7 and 1 0 4 8 modes. xterm responds with DCS 1 r Pt ST for valid requests, adding to Pt an = , and the value of the corresponding string that xterm would send, or DCS 0 r Pt ST for invalid requests. Two special features are also recognized, which are not key names: Co for termcap colors (or colors for terminfo colors), and TN for termcap name (or name for terminfo name). CSI Ps F Cursor Preceding Line Ps Times (default = 1) (CPL). CSI Ps P Delete Ps Character(s) (default = 1) (DCH). o Graphics geometry is not necessarily the same as "window size" (see the dtterm window manipulation extensions).

CSI Ps E Cursor Next Line Ps Times (default = 1) (CNL). Pi; Pa; Pv S If configured to support either Sixel Graphics or Re GIS Graph- ics, xterm accepts a three-parameter control sequence, where Pi, Pa and Pv are the item, action and value: Pi = 1 - failure. Notes: o The current implementation allows reading the graphics sizes, but disallows modifying those sizes because that is done once, using resource-values.It generates 7-bit controls (by default) or 8-bit if S8C1T is enabled. Then the aixterm colors are the bright versions of the ISO colors: Ps = 9 0 - Set foreground and background color to default.The following pairs of 7-bit and 8-bit control characters are equiva- lent: ESC D Index (IND is 0x84). Xterm maintains a color palette whose entries are identified by an index beginning with zero.If 88- or 256-color support is compiled, the following apply: o All parameters are decimal integers. o ISO-8613-6 has been interpreted in more than one way; xterm allows the semicolons separating the subparameters in this control to be replaced by colons (but after the first colon, colons must be used).These ISO-8613-6 controls are supported: Pm = 3 8 ; 2 ; Pi; Pr; Pg; Pb - Set background color to the closest match in xterm's palette for the given RGB Pr/Pg/Pb.Con- sequently there is no ambiguity in the way this document uses the term "character" to refer to bytes in a control sequence. These control characters are used in the vt XXX emulation. ESC SP N Set ANSI conformance level 3 (dp ANS X3.134.1). ESC # 4 DEC double-height line, bottom half (DECDHL). This combines the effects of the 1 0 4 7 and 1 0 4 8 modes.

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