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(b) If an application for priority right was submitted after the fact of the application already has been published under subsection (a), the fact of the application shall be published again, at the applicant's expense, together with the additional particulars.(a1) The examiner shall accept the application of he is satisfied that the conditions of this section have been met; when he has accepted the application, he shall so notify the applicant; the notice shall state the acceptance date.

(2) if it is not possible to distinguish between the amendments and the existing specification – that the date of the entire application shall be the date on which the amendments were submitted to the Office.

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(4) if a priority right was claimed for the application – the Member State in which the previous application was submitted, the date of its submission and the number or other identification mark given it by the authority to which it was submitted; 28.

Acceptance of the application shall be conclusive evidence that it includes only one invention and that the provisions on the form of the application, the specification and the drawings have been complied with. After his application was accepted under this Article, the applicant may amend the specification in his application in the manner prescribed in Article Three of Chapter Four, as if he were a patent owner. (a) If opposition was submitted for grounds said in section 31(3), then the opponent may request that the patent be granted to him, and the Registrar may – in addition to any other relief – grant the patent to the person who proved that he is the owner of the invention. If opposition was duly submitted under section 30 and was subsequently canceled, then Registrar may refuse to grant the patent applied for if, in the course of the opposition, he discovered material according to which the application should not have been accepted in the first place. If no opposition was submitted by the end of the time set for its submission, or if opposition was submitted, but was withdrawn or was finally rejected by the Registrar or by the Court, then the patent shall be granted to the person who is the owner of the invention at that time, unless the Registrar used his power under section 34 or unless appeal was submitted under section 174 against the Registrar's decision to reject the opposition and written notice that the appeal had been submitted was delivered to the Registrar not later than 10 days after the final date for submission of a said appeal. The examination of the application and the grant of the patent shall not be a guaranty that the patent is valid, and the State or its employees shall bear no responsibility whatsoever because the patented was granted. An inventor for whose invention a patent was applied for or his survivors may demand that the inventor's name be stated in the specification, the Register and in the patent certificate, and the Registrar shall accede to the demand subject to the provisions of sections 40 and 41, on condition that the demand was submitted at the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner. If the inventor or his survivors request that the inventor's name be stated when they are not the owners of the invention or of the patent, then the Registrar shall notify the owner of the invention or of the patent and – if opposition proceedings under section 30 are pending at the time – any other person who is a party to those proceedings; the Registrar shall give his decision after hearing the arguments of the persons concerned, if they so requested within the prescribed time. The Registrar shall not entertain a demand that the inventor's name be stated, if he believes that it is proper to hear it like an application, the grounds for which are as said in section 31(3) or section 73. (a) If a patent holder is the owner of an invention which is an improvement or modification of an invention for which a patent (hereafter: main patent) was granted, then he may request that a patent for the second invention be granted him as a patent of addition.

(2) the Registrar may an examined application, the other application or both applications to be divided, or the elimination of some of the claims in each of the said applications, all as the applicant chooses in respect of his application, if all the following hold true for the examined application: 25.

If an application was submitted by more than one applicant, and if the Registrar is satisfied that the prosecution of the application is held up because of the dispute between the applicants, then he may act on the initiative of some of them on conditions prescribed by him, on condition that the initiators of the action give the applicants who are not parties thereto notice of every proceeding before the Registrar and of any amendment made in the specification; however, the Registrar shall entertain a request for cancellation of the application only with the consent of all applicants.

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(1) the applicant submitted a patent application on the same invention (in this section: parallel application) and received a patent in a state, the name of which appears in the list published by the Registrar in (c) priority right was lawfully claimed for the patent application in Israel by virtue of another application for protection submitted in a Member State, and by virtue of the other application priority right was claimed for the parallel application under the Law applicable to it; (d) The Registrar and also the Superintendent of Examiners or his deputy may refrain from accepting an application, if they determined on the basis of the material at their disposal or submitted to them in the course of the examination that the application does not comply with one of the provisions specified in subsection (c) or that there is some other special reason why the application should not be accepted.

(e) If proceedings for cancellation of the parallel patent are in progress, or if proceedings of opposition to the grant of the parallel patent outside of Israel are in progress, then the applicant shall so notify the Registrar not later then the date on which the patent is granted in Israel.

(1) the list of documents used by patent authorities in any foreign state in the examination of a patent application on the same patent application, submitted in a foreign country by the applicant or by his predecessor in title to the invention; (5) transmission of the specifications of the application – in order to search for material that will enable the Office make the examination – to an institution is Israel or abroad, with which the Office contracted under any Law by an agreement drawn up by the Registrar, including a section on keeping any patent application confidential and on nondisclosure under section 165; 18A.