Facebook blackberry not updating

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Facebook blackberry not updating - christiam online dating

We recommend taking a little time to focus on our instructions below in order to be able to happily manage your auto-updates.I've always said that Black Berry OS 10 is the best mobile platform for communications and it turns out that some recent experiences confirm that is still the case today even with the latest and greatest smartphones.

Using Ping.fm, you can update Facebook Pages either through itself or within Hoot Suite, making Hoot Suite the “half” a client here.

So Blackberry users will need to do what the majority of mobile phone users will need to do if they want to update their Pages on the go, which is to go to the full from their phone and navigate to the Page admin. Of all of the services reviewed here, Tweetdeck, Ping.fm, People Browsr, and of course Facebook itself, seem the most serious about Facebook Pages.

These services not only make it really easy to update your Page, but Pages are also a prominent part of their services.

Updating Facebook Pages by Mobile Far and away, the best way to update your Pages using a mobile phone is to use Facebook’s i Phone 3.0 app.

The app has integrated Page management functionality – something that even m.(Facebook’s mobile web service) doesn’t have.

Also, note that the option of updating pages directly from a third-party service only became available when Facebook introduced the Open Stream API in early August.

Third-party services for using pages are still new and evolving.Of all of the other apps we’ve discussed here, probably the one with the greatest crossover in terms of usage to mobile is Tweetdeck.But as of right now, Tweetdeck’s i Phone app does not support updating pages.You simply sign in to my.using Facebook Connect, type in your status, click the “To” button, click the “More” link, and then just check off which page you wish to post to.What is interesting is that People Browsr allows you to post to any Page that you subscribe to as well as to those you administer.Facebook Pages are listed third as if it was its own social network, right behind Twitter and Facebook itself (and before My Space, which is a saying something on the importance of Facebook Pages).

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