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More worrying still, a separate study by an American environmental lobby group put the risk 25 per cent higher, while warning of a 'brain tumour pandemic' in years to come.Lloyd Morgan, of America's Environmental health trust lobby group, said all the risk levels suggested by the interphone report should be increased significantly.

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Operators are always there to encounter any abuse on the channel, so be responsible.Listing the common chat programs and chat tools widely used around the Globe to download on your PC for free.Compare to webchat they provide more advanced options and work faster. Install these chat clients on your computer and enter the world of fun chat today.This week, research concluded that just half an hour spent on your mobile every day could raise your risk of developing brain cancer by as much as 40 per cent.the £15 million, decade-long study was carried out on more than 5,000 men and women with brain tumours from 13 different countries, as well as a similar number of healthy people, all of whom were interviewed about their phone habits.Enter your nickname and join instantly, password is optional.

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He warned: 'What we have discovered indicates there is going to be one hell of a brain tumour pandemic unless people are warned and encouraged to change current cell phone use.' Yet, confusingly, UK cancer charities dismissed the group's claims as ' overblown', saying national brain cancer rates had not increased in proportion to 'skyrocketing' phone use.

And Professor Anthony Swerdlow, who led one of the two British research teams involved in the interphone report, insisted: 'i've still seen no convincing evidence that brain cancers are caused by radi o frequencies.' Scientists fear it could be another decade before we learn who's right.

Governments around the world have drawn-up safety guidelines on recommended safe levels of mobile phone SAR levels to which manufacturers have to comply. S., this maximum level is 1.6 w/kg, while the European standard is slightly higher at 2 w/kg. Two years ago, researchers at the University of Vienna, concerned that the modern generation of 3G smartphones were being launched without sufficient safety tests, revealed that brain cell damage started to occur well below the 2 w/kg level.

These phones transmit continuously, not in pulses, so you are more exposed.

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