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Sensing the slightly awkward atmosphere, Matt Baker reminded the two: "We're here for an hour!

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One Man Comedy Show: " Rhod Gilbert: Who's eating Gilbert's grape ". The title of Fellow is awarded to individuals who have a close association with Aberystwyth and the University, or who have made an outstanding contribution to professional or public life in Wales.Date: 28th February 2013 Length: 55 mins Size: 37.80mb The only man who can say 'cunt' in America, Jim Jefferies uses his brutal comic instinct to tell somehow heart-warming stories.Rhod Gilbert is one of the best and most well-known comedians, performers and broadcasters in the UK and internationally.He is a genuinely Welsh creative talent who has, since the early 2000s, become a household name.Rhod Gilbert was presented by Professor Sarah Prescott, Director of the Institute of Literature, Languages & Creative Arts on Wednesday 16 July.

Presentation by Professor Sarah Prescott: “Rhod Gilbert I am delighted to have the privilege to introduce Mr Rhodri Gilbert as an Honorary Fellow of Aberystwyth University especially before this audience which represents some of our most creative successes from the Department of English and Creative Writing and the School of Art.Other notable successes in television include his award-winning series (plural) Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience (which won British Academy Cymru Awards in 20 for series 1 and 2 respectively).The ‘work experience’ for these programmes included being a bin man, a mum, a wedding planner, a male model and a Scout leader. We look forward to the fifth series which is being/has been filmed this year.The Institute of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts also look forward particularly to welcoming Rhod to his new work experience as Fellow at Aberystwyth University where, unbeknown to him as yet, he will be trying his hand at being a university professor starting in semester 1 2014-15 (we’ve assigned him modules on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, Fine Art workshops in Drawing and Illustration, and – of course - leading classes in Beginners Welsh). In addition to his award-winning television and radio performances, Rhod Gilbert’s work in live stand up is legendary ranging over many topics, from a distinctly and often outraged Welsh perspective on the world at large.One of the most brilliant aspects of Rhod’s performances is the bemused, genuinely flummoxed and again outraged reactions to objects and events of domestic familiarity - such as buying a new hoover, choosing a duvet and collecting damaged luggage from the airport - which make the seemingly mundane actions of everyday life hilariously surreal – the mark of a comic genius coupled with the brilliant delivery and timing that Rhod is renowned for.His turn of phrase and relaxed narrative style has influenced a wave of newer acts, but his eye for a genuinely...

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