An error occurred while validating hresult 80040155

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An error occurred while validating hresult 80040155 - Free live sex no signup free chat

Note: In the following descriptions, a percentage sign (%) followed by one or more alphanumeric characters (for example, "%1" or "%hs") indicates a variable that is replaced by text at the time the value is returned.Return value/code Description 0x00030200 STG_S_CONVERTED The underlying file was converted to compound file format.

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0x0004131B SCHED_S_SOME_TRIGGERS_FAILED The task is registered, but not all specified triggers will start the task.0x0004D005 XACT_S_MADECHANGESCONTENT The sink is content and wants the transaction to proceed.Changes were made to one or more resources during this call.0x0004D002 XACT_S_READONLY The method call succeeded because the transaction was read-only.0x0004D003 XACT_S_SOMENORETAIN The transaction was successfully aborted.0x00041300 SCHED_S_TASK_READY The task is ready to run at its next scheduled time.

0x00041301 SCHED_S_TASK_RUNNING The task is currently running.0x00041304 SCHED_S_TASK_NO_MORE_RUNS There are no more runs scheduled for this task.0x00041305 SCHED_S_TASK_NOT_SCHEDULED One or more of the properties that are needed to run this task on a schedule have not been set.0x00030201 STG_S_BLOCK The storage operation should block until more data is available.0x00030202 STG_S_RETRYNOW The storage operation should retry immediately.However, this is a coordinated transaction, and a number of enlisted resources were aborted outright because they could not support abort-retaining semantics.