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However, the whole leafy area remains my favourite haunt for outdoor macking.Rest assured, I do remain witnin the confines of decency! A Happy New Year to all the waterproof fraternity-let's hope there is as much rain as possible!

The colour was particularly striking, and was only equalled when Pakamac brought out their new range in 1977. So, there is another piece of waterproof trivia, and there will be more to come.

The sun was so vivid, the mac appeared almost ROYAL BLUE!

I was standing at the lake, near to Isobel's house, hoping she would appear, but not on this occasion.

Jamie has made an interesting comment about Pakamac hoods.

The standard grey-black plastic macs of the 50s/60s were without hoods,to accommodate school uniform caps(yuck! Some of the other brands of plastic mac did have attached hoods, but most had separate rain bonnets, so beloved of Susan.

On especially hot days, I was allowed to keep my hood down but most of the time I had to wear it up.

Pakamac may be gone, unfortunately, but the tradition is kept going by "Stay Dry", "PVC-U-Like", and one or two others.

One good thing about Pakamac is that they kept their prices very reasonable even though they were leaders in their particular field, and their successors have followed suit.

Nor have they sacrificed quality-just try the PEVA macs of Stay Dry!

Yes indeed i was 18 my girl did not have a pakamac. I asked her if she would wear one if i bought it for her she said yes. Heart pounding i watched as she put the mackintosh on and pulled the belt tight.

Then it was arms round her lots of cuddles and kiss mackintosh rustling and the aroma that comes from a new plastic mac.

Although plastic macs were allowed as part of our school uniform, they had to be grey, grey-black, or black, to harmonise with the navy blue basic uniform.

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