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Sanjeev is 32 year old engineer and works for an MNC in gurgaon and looks healthy and smart and Nupur too is a 30 year old yummy mother working for a NGO and have good vital stats of 36-30-34.

Otherwise, dive right in to the dates–I’d advise first dates before second–or you can see what a snarky bitch I can be and check out my Imaginary Letters to all the strange men who write to me.

Sanjeev was little confident now and decided to discuss it further and put Nupur in confidence by making her realize that he agree with the fact and do not have any objection in this daily adventure but Nupur too need to be frank with him and tell him if she too enjoy all this as seeing all this he enjoys and want Nupur to encourage more such acts and bring out her slutty desires as this is harmless fun.

Nupur was not expecting such co-operation from Sanjeev but it bought a smile on her face.

They both met at 7PM at Rajiv chowk and Nupur was super excited and was waiting for Sanjeev to tell about the compliments she received from her boss and hows the new office.

They stepped into the metro which was over crowded during office off hours and during the journey Sanjeev noticed how men of all shape and sizes wants to be near to his sexy wife who was looking ultra hot on that day in low waist saree.

We both stick to our plans and Nupur was instructed not to show that you know me in metro.

She was looking hot and sexy on that day and I was sure she will co-operate with groping and will enjoy and after we met at Rajiv chowk metro station, we got separated and got into the same coach.

The big change happened when Nupur who was working in gurgaon earlier got a good offer in Job to work for a Recruitment firm as PS for the Director.

Salary was good and there was no reason to say no except for condition that she had to make change in her clothing line.

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Of course I decided to be realistic, so the number of dates I will do is 50, and I am giving myself till the end of 2014–so nearly six months*.

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