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“But he’s surprisingly immature.” Freedman is definitely the sine qua non of the station.He is seen wringing his hands as the operation’s Internet T-1 line goes dead (half of its listeners listen online), as the signal runs out of cash (much of the documentary was filmed during the crash of 20), and as it is discovered that new transmitter gear doesn’t work very well.

The film shows Freedman mentioning to listeners that a painting of Phil Spector in big hair at his arraignment done by “Jorge” is still available.“As little telling and as much showing as possible.You get to be a fly in the wall at an amazing place.” Indeed, we get to see WFMU’s crazy-yet-pragmatic philosophy play out in a dozen ways.Changes in American society, the pluralistic nature of its citizens, and its geographic preclude a common definition of what is indecent, profane, or obscene.What may appear to be "dirty discourse" to some may be considered to be laudable satire to others.And it seems like since 1985 there has always been one person or another making a film about WFMU.” Eventually he began telling these cinematic aspirants that “if you don’t make the movie, I want the footage.” Two subsequent efforts produced a “shitload” of actuality, in his own words, and some of that windfall has found its way into Smith’s opus.

Yet despite that legacy of celluloid, this is still Tim K.

A name plate sits prominently on Freedman’s desk: “The fuck stops here,” it says.

Glowing in the dark There are many ways to govern a community radio station: very democratically, very autocratically, or somewhere in the middle.

Written from a social and cultural perspective, Dirty Discourse concentrates on the means of greatest distribution - radio, with its phenomenal growth of 'shock jocks' and rap music lyrics, and provides coverage of television and the Internet.

The book shows how and why broadcasting has evolved from the ribald antics of the Roaring 20's to today's streaming cybersex, contrasting the standards and actions of the FCC v.

In a conference call with Smith and Freedman, Smith told me that one of the reasons he was drawn to WFMU was because it was run on what he called a “filmmaker” model.

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