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There were unfamiliar letters in the shape of, for example, ash (æ), thorn (þ), the g was being written in a curious way, and Z – a letter that had been borrowed from the Irish alphabet – had come to be called ‘yogh’. One of these ancient letters, thorn, continued in use longer than the others and is still reflected in such usages as ‘Ye Olde Tea Shoppe’.

Novelties include zero capitalisation in messages and the use of repeated letters (I’m soooooo happy).

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Well, if the unblushing bride is nursing second thoughts about marriage to a mate who's popped nothing but the question - the reception party proves to be a bang-up success for every other member of the wedding.

THere's something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in some new twists of an old tradition.

Doubt had the same sort of history as debt: it had such spellings as dute and doute in Middle English, then a b was introduced from Latin dubitare. Indict got its c from dictare, victuals from victualis, and so on. In fact, it comes from cisorium, cutting instrument.

If the Latin were being accurately reflected, it should be spelled cissors.In 1783, lexicographer Noah Webster published a textbook that would become the standard introduction for generations of young Americans: The American Spelling Book.The American War of Independence also ended in 1783 and Webster would go on to assert that an independent nation required ‘a system of our own, in language as well as government’. Webster had dropped the final ‘k’ in words such as music, and begun to replace the suffix -our with -or.Having flexible spelling was a gift for printers trying to make their pages look good, with a justified (aligned) right-hand margin.Adding extra letters, and especially an e, was a simple solution to the problem of line length, which is why we still live with such words as have, give, live, groove, sneeze, gone, come and done.There's a lot of shoes - a lot of rice - but her groom (Rick Savage) is so nervous he says, "No dice!

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