Are joel courtney and kat mcnamara dating

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, held at Arc Light Hollywood on Wednesday night (November 29) in Los Angeles.The 22-year-old actress joined her costars Adan Allende, Michael Chey, Aidan Alexander, Jill Cimorelli, Brendan Calton, Meg De Lacy, Logan Shroyer, Cameron Palatas, and Joel Courtney at the event, as well as director Benny Fine.

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"It's the biggest, warmest family I've ever experienced." Of course, leading the charge on all things warm and fuzzy on set was notorious hugger -- and fast and furious Mario Kart slayer -- Dylan O'Brien. centers on former best friends Maddy and Cole, who now exist on opposite ends of the high school social spectrum.When Maddy’s reign as most popular girl abruptly ends, the duo reconnects as they conspire to ruin the ultimate popularity contest: senior prom.some get attracted to the same sex and prefer homo.Likewise, an actress who is popular for her role as Harper Munroe on the MTV comedy series Happyland, Katherine Mc Namara. Girls share a kiss on the cheek is no more a big thing. Recently something similar was witnessed when the Katherine shared her Red carpet picture from the ‘Alice through the looking Glass’ and Dove Cameron. Dove Cameron is previously dating her Descendants Co-star Thomas Doherty.As one of the leaders of Group B -- a group of mostly female badasses sent to kill Thomas -- Sonya may be a little different than you remember from the James Dashner's "Scorch Trials." "The story's a little different than in the books," Mc Namara said.

"They've kind of combined elements from the second and third books into this film, but the important thing is that it really stays true to the characters." In "The Scorch Trials," the Gladers take on an adversary even bigger than WCKD -- aka The Scorch, a barren wasteland that used to be civilization but is now just full of zombie-like Cranks and abandoned malls.

He's one of my favorite people," Mc Namara told MTV News. He's like my big brother -- we had so much fun on set.

He's so dedicated and specific and amazing at what he does and yet, he doesn't let that bog him down on set.

Going back in 2011 Katherine was stated to be dating Joel Courtney.

Yet Kat’s name was linked with her Co-Actor from the movie like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, the rumors proved wrong afterward.

Meanwhile, Sonya and Harriet, the ride or die leaders of Group B, are on a mission of their own: to kill Thomas.

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