Crystal castles courtship dating mp3

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Crystal castles courtship dating mp3

This album feels like it was created with the same integrity as a D. Crystal Castles are a great band this is there original raw sound so it's amazing to listen to. I would recommend this album to anyone who loves experimental noise music mixed with good electronic music sound.

Tell Me What to Swallow - bare, acoustic, dark, and enchanting - hints of a darker Kate Bush.

Tink cried to bronze in pity And a call, pure, long and throbbing.

How do I feel for thee Your smile brings disease Cuz we're young, fell in from the stars When your skin is shed Find a pile of your head Now then i'll look so smart Stove burns on my hand Show them to my friends Make you participate Eyes roll back around Limbs fall to the ground Seasoned to procreate The first to interfere Are culled before the deer When they wander into the cage Stuff their arms and thighs Then they roll their cardboard eyes Their skin will never age Stove burns on my hand Show them to my friends Make you participate Eyes roll back around Limbs fall to the ground Seasoned to procreate Good times keep rolling, got to dance to escape now -- -- Is this the hiv...

I hesitated b/c the refs suggest experimental, video game noise...that completely misses it...

This music is full of passion...electronica and's submerged in decadance, a bit of melancholy, and degradation (vocals, melodies in minor) that overlays a tremendous life force that bursts up and soars...wounded. At first I bought this and didn't take to this album it was too much electronic noise, but I heard a track at a club, Crimewave, and fell in love with the great driving 80's electronica beats, weird synth sounds, and computer altered voices.

The clip has a higher Alice Glass visibility factor than did “Courtship Dating” (she’s singing through a mesh net) and features a down on his luck zombie, mixed in with footage of Crystal Castles supremely strobed live show.

1 - Untrust Us 2 - Alice Practice 3 - Crimewave 4 - Magic Spells 5 - Xxzxcuzx Me 6 - Air War 7 - Courtship Dating 8 - Good Time 9 - 1991 10 - Vanished 11 - Knights 12 - Love and Caring 13 - Through the Hosiery 14 - Reckless 15 - Black Panther 16 - Tell Me What to Swallow -- Hi Scars will heal soon The dregs in us spent the earth down Better than drowning in a burlap sack I live.

Oh no Oh no Oh nooooooooo We can pull a map out detailing the direct route Young ones grow anxious to proclaim their advances to the fray If we don't wake up and the truth never comes up You will never have our old lane, you will never have a right of way Oh no [x8] Hey-oh! Oh nooooooooo Where do all the lovers meet with one another, In an effort to uncover what has happened to the silent days?

remix album — well, that can get whatever it wants.

I could listen to this one over and over again and not be bored.

Some of the songs, I can't stand like Alice Practice, Xxzxcuzx Me, Love and Caring, and Through the Hosiery - way too much electronic noise for my taste.

I love the enigmatic lyrics - you can barely grasp what they're trying to say.