Camp liberty iraq dating

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Camp liberty iraq dating

Camp Liberty, in north-east Baghdad, was struck by a barrage of rockets last night, which killed at least 23 people, including one woman, and injured dozens.An Iraqi Shi’a militia, the al-Mukhtar Army, claimed responsibility for the attack and warned that the attack may be repeated.

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The number of detainees dwindled before the camp's formal closure at a.m. "As a result of the great working relationship between the government of Iraq and Task Force 134, I'm pleased to say the Camp Bucca detention facility is now closed," said Brigadier General David Quantock, commander of U. The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of the UN Human Rights Council has categorized, in his Opinion of May 2012, the status of the MEK residents in Camp Liberty/Camp Hurriya as Arbitrary detention and called the Iraqi government for the "immediate release and lifting of all restraints upon the free movements of these persons". Under strong pressure by the Iraqi government, whose declared will is to expel the People's Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) from Iraq, but who was aided as well by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) under the pretext to preserve their security, near all of the 3400 MEK residents of Camp Ashraf were forcedly moved to Camp Liberty in 2012.Camp Liberty is a large coalition military installation located northeast of the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) and is part of the U. Camp Liberty is twice the size of Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, which is one of the largest U. It was formerly known as Camp Victory North and renamed in mid-September 2004, as part of an effort to give U. facilities around Baghdad friendlier connotations, and to try to resolve the issue of constantly-changing facility names, Camp Victory North was renamed Camp Liberty, with its Arabic translation "Camp Al-Tahreer". Camp Liberty first came into existence during the 2003 invasion of Iraq as Camp Victory North, and was renamed (its Arabic translation is "Camp Al-Tahreer") in mid-September 2004 to its later name of Camp Liberty (in Arabic "Camp Hurriya"). facilities around Baghdad friendlier connotations, and an attempt to resolve the issue of constantly changing facility names. Camp Liberty was twice the size of Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, and one of the largest U. A rocket and mortar attack left at least eight dead and nearly 100 wounded occurred at Camp Hurriya on 9 February 2013.

Other camps that made up the Victory Base Complex include Camp Victory (formerly known as Camp Victory South), Camp Striker, Seitz, and Camp Slayer. During the Iraq War, following the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, the base was a large coalition military installation located northeast of the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), becoming part of the U. Iranian residents of Camp Liberty and their representatives and lawyers appealed to the UN Secretary-General and U. officials to let them return to Ashraf, which they say is 80 times larger than Liberty and has concrete buildings and shelters that offer more protection.

EIFA urged the USA to provide air cover for Camp Liberty, the UN to "stop any further obfuscation and officially recognise Camp Liberty as a refugee camp under its direct supervision and protection" and asked that the "international assistance to Iraq must be suspended forthwith until the security of the Camp Liberty residents is assured".

UNHCR announced that, by the end of 2015, it has relocated more than one third of the residents - about 1100 persons - to third countries, affirming that this has been achieved with the cooperation and flexibility of the residents, in particular their commitment to meeting the bulk of the travel costs and living expenses; it also mentioned Albania’s exceptional contribution who has received more than three-quarters of the relocated residents, and however renewed its appeal for help to all countries in light of the potential for more attacks to the still remaining 1970 persons.

The UNHCR called on the government of Iraq to urgently scale up security measures in the camp to ensure the safety and security of its residents.

UNHCR urgently reiterated the need to find solutions for the camp's residents, and appealed to countries to find places for 1,400 persons from Camp Liberty that had been submitted for relocation since 2011, stating that only 311 residents were secured to third countries so far.

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