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And to avoid any buffering youre suffering, the full concerts areor will soon beon You Tube! You may not feel its much of an issue now, but just you wait. By that we mean finding new people who will immediately like or will grow to like Western Music.So here I am with my supposedly lofty knowledge of past and present Western Music and my widely accepted deep appreciation for our artists output. Were reasonably sure theyre out there, but from the git-go we do need to recognize certain things about them and about reaching them.

If won eventually, that award may have to be carved into quarters to accommodate the shows four co-hosts!

Without the promoting of major motion picture studios (like Republic did in the Golden Age) or an all-consuming tide of popularity rising from a single blockbuster film, series or sex symbol to propel it, Western will never again hit fad status.

There are signs from the studios of a rekindling interest in things Cowboy.

Enter next Nancy Pitchford Zhe, founder and director of the twenty-six year strong Heads Up Therapy On Horseback program.

Stepping in as a new sponsor/host she is eager to create a platform from which to make listeners aware of Western culture, values and the Heads Up story of successes with at-risk youth and with all manner of disabilitiesparticularly the groundbreaking work done with horses for autistic kids (now also moving into working with returning vets).

She renames the Saturday 9AM to 10AM slot Around The Barn.

Enter a year later Bobbi Jean Bell, former director of retail operations for the Autry National Museum storeoriginally a guest, then sort of a consultant and then invited to co-host.Radio and television host and producer Rick Huff's column, Western Air, covers the Western radio scene.The column is a regular feature of the Western Music Association's quarterly magazine, The Western Way, and we're pleased to have past columns posted below.His working interest in Western Music began in 1983, promoting and creating with Western Music Hall-of-Famer Hi Busse.In 1986 they developed the radio featurette "Song and Story with Hi Busse" and Huff subsequently released two albums of Hi Busse & The Frontiersmen material.All of this ties in perfectly with Around The Barn, whose hour-long shows are also being archived by host station KHTS and are made available in podcast form as well as new shows being streamed live each Saturday morning!

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