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He doesn’t understand, cute early twenty year old guy in wigs screaming nonsense- cute.Middle aged father doing the same- pathetic and unfunny. God, it's bad enough when you lie to other people, don't lie to yourself as well. Does he need to get arrested for attempting to sex a minor?

Thank god he's gradually been becoming ugly as sin as to reflect his personality.475081seriously.Plainey will blame her sister and cry for sympathy, and say that the cop read too much into the friendship of Gregma and the minor. The only way she would ever leave Onion is if he left her first and changed the locks so she couldn't get into the house.474958 BXEYu TMThere's this one where he talks about walking in on Vix and lamey together in bed-around .Lainey comfortably defends Greg's "friendship" with Vix.relevant Younow moments at: https:// Will Cheat Again/channel Previous thread /pt/469589For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:- No nitpicking, not even saged. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.Hell, she could even score one of his houses and/or car.

But if she leaves him, she will have to go back to her parents' house, where she will be forced to work and clean after herself, her kids and dogs, soooo she'd rather stay in her comfortable bottomless pit of sorrow with Gurg than facing real life as an adult.475048She's an incredibly jealous and insecure person. Most people don't want to share their SO, poly isn't for everyone so it's dishonest of her to act like everything is supafleek blessed up great in front of her streaming audience.

Action continues to abound while Vix drops caps in tempcow of messages exchanged with Grug.

The story of an epic troll where she completely reeled him in is beginning to unfold.

the temp thread is too hard to follow for me tho so i appreciate seeing pics of vix, i was actually wondering what she looks like.

as some other anon here said when macncheese was giving us milk, sometimes you have to pet the cow before it gives up the milk…(i don't actually think she's a cow seeing as she's giving us a lot of milk rn and how she didn't give in to onion's advances but whatever you feel abt her at least wait until shes done spilling milk to attack her)475081seriously.

This is the dude that can't stand the thought of being rejected so much he alienated everyone. Notice he's on the defensive, while he's usually on the offensive with women.475136My speculation is that Lainey's intial reaction was incredulous, but after having some time to sit on it and think about how shitty she felt with Vix getting doted over right after all the Billie shit went down, she might (maybe) be angry with Greg after this.475136this is why someone has to go the extra mile and catch him in a situation he has no way out of. and nobody wants to.i knew he was going to play the friend card because he kept trying to manipulate vix by saying "durrhurr i'm just ur friend if you wanna fly here cuz ur ex is abusive it's cool!