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Dave said he was ready to propose as soon as he met Christine. A year later, Dave and Christine got married in Scotland, inviting Sherri and her daughter Tammi (who’s also an Elite Connections matchmaker) to attend.He called her up immediately after the first date, but she didn’t return his call. She followed up with both of them after the date and advised Christine to stop playing games. When Christine gave Tammi a hug at the reception, Sherri said was felt struck by the bride’s motherly instincts.

Instead, an empathetic team with decades of matchmaking experience will arrange introductions with attractive and eligible individuals seeking a relationship with someone like you.Always looking for solutions and ways to help, the VIP matchmaker sets the tone for an engaged and compassionate matchmaking team.Sherri has a passion for the work of a matchmaker and aims to deliver a life-changing dating experience for the accomplished men and women who come to her for assistance.After earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Tammi came into the fold as a full-time matchmaker. “She’s great with the clients,” Sherri said with motherly pride.“They absolutely love her, and she’s a great asset to the team.” Now working alongside her daughter, Sherri puts her heart and soul into her premier matchmaking company.The Short Version: Sometimes dating can feel like a part-time job for modern singles.

Searching for a date in bars and dating websites takes a significant amount of time, and not everyone has the energy to tackle such an important project by themselves.

She had to time everything just right and convince him to give matchmaking another go.

Finally, the stars aligned, and Sherri set up the date.

Sherri and Bill have been married for over 18 years now.

As a teenager, Tammi worked part-time at Elite Connections and learned by her mother’s side.

Since 1994, the seasoned matchmaker has headed up Elite Connections, a reputable matchmaking firm based in Los Angeles.